Dogs of Sorauren series returns for second year

The Dogs of Sorauren video series returns following a successful debut last year

The Friends of Sorauren Park are pleased to launch a second season of Dogs of Sorauren Park, part of the Sorauren Stories video series created last year during the pandemic.

The first profile features Pepsi and owner Elyse. The videos can be seen on, on @SoraurenPark social media platforms, and on the Friends of Sorauren Park YouTube channel, where the entire Sorauren Stories video catalogue is available for your viewing pleasure.

Follow us to watch more videos over the summer. Many thanks to the owners, the pooches, and the Friends of Sorauren Park summer students, Dion Lynch and Amanda Vo, who are compiling the series and working on more exciting summer programs for the community.

Thanks also to our new Dogs of Sorauren Park season sponsor, Master Mechanic High Park. If you follow Master Mechanic, you’ll know why!

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