Please check with the organizers of all programs: schedules and programs may change and such changes may not be reflected on this site (run by volunteers). Organizers: please contact us to update your information.

Sorauren Park Farmers’ Market

Attend the Farmers’ Market Monday afternoons and evenings at the Park, from 3 – 7 p.m., during the warm season. The market moves indoors at the Fieldhouse for the winter. For information, and to volunteer, visit the Farmers’ Market web site.

Sorauren Park Sports Association

Check the Association’s website for updates. Programs were cancelled during COVID lockdowns.

Parks, Forestry and Recreation programs

The City often runs children’s camp programs out of the Fieldhouse. Check the City’s FunGuide for program and registration details.

List your program or group

Use the Contact form to have your group listed on this page. To learn about permits, visit the Permits page, or call the Parkdale Community Recreation Centre at 416-392-6696.

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