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Stargazing events Sept. 2 and 26

The shadows and highlights of the quarter-moon make for good viewing.

Join Sorauren Stargazers for fun group viewing of the stars, planets, moon and other celestial phenomena! Sign up to get stargazing news and alerts.

All programs start by the shipping container between the baseball diamond and off-leash area.

Friday, September 2, meet at 8:30 pm
Weather date: Saturday, September 3

  • Moongazing and Late Summer Constellations
  • We’ll explore the lunar surface and “terminator” line
  • Ancient and modern moon stories including current orbiters and the Artemis mission
  • We’ll look for the area where Apollo 11 landed
  • Learn the location of the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way
  • Bonus: Jupiter, and a hunt for Comet 2/2017 K2 Panstarrs

Monday, September 26, meet at 8:00 pm
Weather date: Tuesday, September 27

  • Jupiter and Neptune at Opposition
  • Jupiter looms large and we’ll look at its four main moons
  • Hunt for Neptune
  • Views of Saturn and its great ring
  • Explore the Autumn Constellations

Pre-dawn planet viewing May 29

View of Jupiter (left) and Venus by the CN Tower from Sorauren Park during an earlier planetary conjunction.

The Sorauren Stargazers will bust out the telescope for a pre-dawn delight Sunday May 29, when Mars and Jupiter lie in conjunction from our line of sight on Earth. Venus and Saturn should also be viewable.

This one is for the early-birds. Meet at 5 am by the shipping container, or look for folks with a tripod.

Conditions look promising for a good view of Jupiter’s moons, possibly within the same telescope field with Mars. We may also be able to see the rings of Saturn, and of course some constellations.

Start your day off right by taking in the majesty of the universe.

Sign up for news of future Sorauren Stargazer events. A new set of summer and fall events will be posted shortly. (And yes, most are in the evening.)

Watch the total lunar eclipse May 15 from the park

A darkened, coppery moon seen during a previous lunar eclipse. Photo: NASA

Weather-depending – a big “if” – the Sorauren Stargazers will gather at the park this Sunday evening starting at 9:00 pm to watch the total lunar eclipse. Please join us by the shipping container between the baseball diamond and off-leash area.

The eclipse begins at 9:32 pm as the Earth’s shadow begins to fall across the face of the moon. The shadow grows larger until the entire moon is covered at 11:29 pm – peak eclipse or totality. Depending on the view and atmospheric conditions, the moon often takes on a dark coppery hue during totality.

As of writing the weather forecast is not promising. However, if there are breaks in the clouds, it will be worth a try. We’ll have a telescope and binoculars.

The best way to get late-breaking updates and other Stargazing news is to join the Sorauren Stargazers email list.

Clear skies!

Learn the Constellations: Sorauren Stargazing Aug. 2

The first Sorauren Stargazing event, Learn The Summer Constellations and See the Rings of Saturn, is scheduled for Monday, August 2.

As of this posting, the weather is looking favourable for that evening. We are planning to meet at 9:00 pm by the shipping container, near the dog park.

If there is any change to the weather, an alert will be posted on this site, and sent by email to those who have signed up for the Sorauren Stargazing list.

Dress appropriately for the weather. There may be a few evening bugs, so bug spray may come in handy. If you have a telescope or binoculars, please bring them. We will a have small telescope which can see the rings of Saturn if we have a clear view.

We will practice physical distancing and mask wearing. We’ll take turns at the telescope. You’re not supposed to touch the telescope even in regular viewing, to keep it steady… we’ll demonstrate the technique.

See the full summer program on our Stargazing page.

Clear skies!

Announcing Sorauren Star Gazers summer program

Meet by the shipping container each night. Sign up below for weather alerts and date adjustments.

Calling all astronomy buffs or buffs-to-be! Sorauren Stargazers is announcing a 2021 program of planet watching, constellation touring and meteor viewing, all in a friendly, everyone-welcome and COVID-safe format.

Note: All dates are tentative! Stargazing relies on clear skies and there’s no point if the clouds roll in.

Sign up to the Sorauren Stargazers email list for date confirmations, alerts and news, and follow @SoraurenPark on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates. If you’re an experienced Stargazer and would also like to volunteer to help, let us know.

Meet by the shipping container near the baseball diamond at the times indicated. Dress appropriately for cool evenings.

Read the full program on our Stargazers page.