Dog Off-Leash

The Sorauren Dog Park (completed 2010) is the home for off-leash dogs, in a fenced area with specially designed ground cover.

Outside the fenced dog park, all dogs must be on a leash.

Please follow all regulations posted at the park, and pick up after your dog. Enjoy the park!


      • Janet Dimond

        Hi! Is anything being done about the lack of shade and seating in the park? Also the flooding on the south side of the fence all out front of the gate—leaking water causing trenches and ponds.
        Also the kitty litter like substance is off putting to many, hoping in the new space we can address this. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

  1. Lucinda

    I would like to see changes to the dog off-leash area. The pea-gravel is breeding ground for bacteria and my dog has had multiple eye infections as a result. There is no shade covering, and the area gets incredibly hot in the summer. Finally, there is massive flooding after the rain, which persists for >24hrs.

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