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Rink open, help needed for storm dig-out

A dozen volunteers, young and old, shovel the Sorauren ice rink after a storm, waving to the camera.
Volunteers dig out after a storm a few years ago. All ages welcome!

Calling all shovellers: The coming storm is expected to dump up to 20 cm of snow on the Sorauren Park community rink, and the all-volunteer Sorauren Hosers Rink Crew is seeking reinforcements to help dig out!

If the forecast holds, shovelling will start after school (hint) Monday January 17, and into the evening before the scheduled 9 pm flood. We’ll follow COVID protocols by staying physically distanced (easy to do) and masked. Please bring your shovels.

Every shovelful helps! Pro tip: Mentally block out a square space on the rink, to whatever size feels right, and clear that out. The sense of progress is most satisfying.

The rink is maintained by the Sorauren Hosers with a different three or four-person crew flooding each night at 9 pm, and on weekend mornings at 7 am. Regular flooding is important to keep the rink in top shape. The City provides water access and hose storage at the Fieldhouse. Generous sponsors help support equipment purchases and promotion; learn more.

The rink opened this past weekend under glorious sunshine. The Sorauren Hosers is a program of the non-profit Friends of Sorauren Park.

Thanks to our generous sponsors Scooter Girl Toys, Evolve Chiropractic Roncesvalles, Chander Chaddah, Sutton Group Associates.
Opening weekend at the Sorauren Park community rink.

Rink open for pleasure skating, fair conditions

The volunteer Sorauren Hosers Rink Crew builds and floods the rink with the support of the City, generous sponsors and Mother Earth

The Sorauren natural ice rink is now open for pleasure skating, with fair ice conditions. Be aware that some bumps are still poking through the ice, so shinny is not yet feasible. But not bad for skating with bundled-up little ones. Please practice COVID safety by staying physically distanced and wear masks; pandemic safety signs are posted.

The all-volunteer Sorauren Hosers Rink Crew continues to flood every night at 9 pm, with additional shifts at 7 am on weekends and when possible. Conditions will improve in the weeks ahead.

Toronto Life recently featured Sorauren Rink along with four other neighbourhood-run natural ice rinks in an article about how rinks affect their communities. “[T]he value of the rink goes way beyond the ice. It brings the whole neighbourhood together,” said Joël Campbell, chair of Friends of Sorauren Park and a veteran Hoser.

Thanks to Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation for water access and storage. And thanks to our generous community sponsors:

Logos for Scooter Girl Toys, Chander Chaddah and Evolve Chiropractic.

Rink flooding in progress

Photo of the rink not quite ready for skating. A sign in the foreground says: Flooding in Progress. Please stay off the rink."

With improving weather conditions, flooding has begun at the Sorauren Park natural ice rink. You can help open the rink sooner by staying off the surface until it’s ready for skating. Mini-craters caused by footprints delay the opening. Watch this space or @SoraurenPark social media accounts for opening news! (Check out our Facebook video.)

Flooding takes place every evening at 9 pm, and on weekend mornings at 7 am, weather permitting. The Sorauren rink is a collaboration between Mother Nature, the all-volunteer Sorauren Hosers Rink Crew, our wonderful sponsors, and Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

2022 Season Sponsors:

Logos for Scooter Girl Toys, Chander Chaddah and Evolve Chiropractic.
Sorauren Hosers, young and young at heart, at the first “sunrise soak” of the 2022 season. It takes about a week of flooding to build up the ice for skating.

Rink ready for freezing temps

Wide-angle photo (in black and white) showing volunteers setting up the rink boards on the snow-covered baseball diamond.
The “island” separates the two rink pads. Flooding begins once consistent below-zero temperatures dignify the weather forecast.

The all-volunteer Sorauren Hosers Rink Crew, veterans and newcomers alike, erected the boards for the natural ice rink on a snowy Saturday. Now the waiting begins for at least a week of consistent below-zero temperatures to begin flooding.

The rink, located on the baseball diamond, will feature two inter-connected skating pads. The Hosers take turns flooding, with a different crew dedicated to each day of the week. Flooding takes place at 9 pm every night when conditions allow. Learn more about volunteering.

The rink is a collaboration between the volunteers, Friends of Sorauren Park, and Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, which provides the permit, water and equipment storage.

Our great local sponsors provide support for equipment upgrades, communications and volunteer appreciation. Thanks to our 2022 Season sponsors:

Volunteers lay out the perimeter of the natural ice rink on the snowy baseball diamond in Sorauren Park
Triangular buttresses hold up the 2 x 8 boards forming the perimeter of the rink. The buttresses are spiked into the ground to hold everything in place.

Sorauren Rink closed for the season

Photo of the natural ice rink as it melts and turns to water under warm grey skies. Surrounded by snowbanks.
I’m melting…

The warmer temperatures have brought an end to this year’s season at the Sorauren natural ice rink.

Special thanks this year to:

Everyone who came to enjoy the rink and followed the extraordinary public health rules.

Teenagers and kids of all ages: not having shinny sucked! We recognize the sacrifice made by all players. Shinny will rise again. Thanks to the many teenagers who helped on flooding and shovelling crews.

Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff: The COVID rules meant a new level of collaboration with year, with City staff opening up the Fieldhouse at 9 pm nightly and 7 am on weekends to provide access to water and heated storage for the hoses. Thanks for the late nights and early mornings.

Returning sponsors: Scooter Girl Toys, Snap Fitness High Park and especially this year Chander Chaddah, Sutton Group Associates. They support the rink financially (and in spirit) so that we can purchase replacement hoses and boards, erect additional signage, and pay for volunteer recruitment efforts like the cool toques. #ShopLocal

Sorauren Hosers Rink Crew: the volunteers who make it happen every year. “The Sorauren Hosers are a highly organized crack squad of ice-masters,” says the West End Phoenix. This year it was more important than ever for the Hosers to get the rink established, knowing it’s a friendly outlet for community physical and mental health. They’ll be back next winter.

View of the frozen natural ice rink surrounded by snow banks and showing the snow banks down the middle that turned the rink into a skating trail, a special design for 2021 COVID season. Blue skies with clouds.
February 20, 2021
2021 Rink Sponsors