Sorauren Stargazers

Meet at the shipping container in the park for each program. Weather dependent – sign up for alerts or follow @SoraurenPark on social media for updates.

Announcing Summer 2021 Program

Calling all astronomy buffs or buffs-to-be! Sorauren Stargazers is announcing a 2021 program of planet watching, constellation touring and meteor viewing, all in a friendly, everyone-welcome and COVID-safe format.

Note: All dates are tentative! Stargazing relies on clear skies and there’s no point if the clouds roll in.

Best to sign up to the Sorauren Stargazers email list below for date confirmations, alerts and news, and follow @SoraurenPark on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates. If you’re an experienced Stargazer and would also like to volunteer to help, let us know.

Meet by the shipping container near the baseball diamond at the times indicated. Dress appropriately for cool evenings.

2021 Program and What You Need

Learn the Summer Constellations and See the Rings of Saturn
August 2 (alternate dates August 1 or 3), 9:30 pm
We’ll take a tour of the summer constellations and their mythologies while keeping an eye out for Saturn in the south-east sky (may be tricky with downtown lights). A small telescope will be available. Scope owners: feel free to bring your scopes.

Perseid Meteor Shower
August 12 (alternate nights August 11 or 13), starting 10 pm
August 12 promises to be the best night, and the later the better. Bring blankets, camping mattresses, pillows, or your soccer chair. No other equipment needed.

See the Moons of Jupiter
August 19 (alternate night August 20), 8:30 pm
A small telescope will be available to see the four pinpricks of light – the largest moons of Jupiter – that Galileo saw in 1610, turning cosmology on its head. We’ll take a tour of any other night sky delights as well.

Sorauren Stargazers Email Alert Sign-up

Complete this form to get email alerts on alternate dates, cancellations, and special opportunities like International Space Station fly-over viewings. Also let us know if you’d like to volunteer and have any special experience or stargazing equipment. You can unsubscribe from this list and the list is not shared or used for purposes other than Sorauren Park information.

Transit of Venus at Sorauren Park
Transit of Venus, 2012, observed at Sorauren Park. The image of the planet moving across the face of the sun is projected through a binocular lens

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