Sorauren Stargazers

Transit of Venus at Sorauren Park

Transit of Venus, 2012, observed at Sorauren Park. The image of the planet moving across the face of the sun is projected through a binocular lens

Though stuck in the glare of city lights, Sorauren Park still makes an excellent local observatory with an unobstructed view of the full sky.

The Sorauren Stargazers club takes advantage of this viewpoint to observe night-sky phenomena. It’s not really a club; more like a gathering of folks with an interest. Events are usually accompanied by a small telescope and are kid- and adult-friendly.

Past sessions have observed:

  • Perseid meteor shower (every August)
  • Transit of Venus
  • Planetary conjunctions
  • Planet viewing including the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter
  • Fly-bys of the International Space Station

Events are posted on, in Sorauren Park News, and on the @SoraurenPark twitter account.

If you’d like to get notices of upcoming heavenly sights, use the Contact form and mention “Sorauren Stargazers.”

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