Watch the total lunar eclipse May 15 from the park

A darkened, coppery moon seen during a previous lunar eclipse. Photo: NASA

Weather-depending – a big “if” – the Sorauren Stargazers will gather at the park this Sunday evening starting at 9:00 pm to watch the total lunar eclipse. Please join us by the shipping container between the baseball diamond and off-leash area.

The eclipse begins at 9:32 pm as the Earth’s shadow begins to fall across the face of the moon. The shadow grows larger until the entire moon is covered at 11:29 pm – peak eclipse or totality. Depending on the view and atmospheric conditions, the moon often takes on a dark coppery hue during totality.

As of writing the weather forecast is not promising. However, if there are breaks in the clouds, it will be worth a try. We’ll have a telescope and binoculars.

The best way to get late-breaking updates and other Stargazing news is to join the Sorauren Stargazers email list.

Clear skies!

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