Stargazing events Sept. 2 and 26

The shadows and highlights of the quarter-moon make for good viewing.

Join Sorauren Stargazers for fun group viewing of the stars, planets, moon and other celestial phenomena! Sign up to get stargazing news and alerts.

All programs start by the shipping container between the baseball diamond and off-leash area.

Friday, September 2, meet at 8:30 pm
Weather date: Saturday, September 3

  • Moongazing and Late Summer Constellations
  • We’ll explore the lunar surface and “terminator” line
  • Ancient and modern moon stories including current orbiters and the Artemis mission
  • We’ll look for the area where Apollo 11 landed
  • Learn the location of the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way
  • Bonus: Jupiter, and a hunt for Comet 2/2017 K2 Panstarrs

Monday, September 26, meet at 8:00 pm
Weather date: Tuesday, September 27

  • Jupiter and Neptune at Opposition
  • Jupiter looms large and we’ll look at its four main moons
  • Hunt for Neptune
  • Views of Saturn and its great ring
  • Explore the Autumn Constellations

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