Pre-dawn planet viewing May 29

View of Jupiter (left) and Venus by the CN Tower from Sorauren Park during an earlier planetary conjunction.

The Sorauren Stargazers will bust out the telescope for a pre-dawn delight Sunday May 29, when Mars and Jupiter lie in conjunction from our line of sight on Earth. Venus and Saturn should also be viewable.

This one is for the early-birds. Meet at 5 am by the shipping container, or look for folks with a tripod.

Conditions look promising for a good view of Jupiter’s moons, possibly within the same telescope field with Mars. We may also be able to see the rings of Saturn, and of course some constellations.

Start your day off right by taking in the majesty of the universe.

Sign up for news of future Sorauren Stargazer events. A new set of summer and fall events will be posted shortly. (And yes, most are in the evening.)

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