Rink ready for freezing temps

Wide-angle photo (in black and white) showing volunteers setting up the rink boards on the snow-covered baseball diamond.
The “island” separates the two rink pads. Flooding begins once consistent below-zero temperatures dignify the weather forecast.

The all-volunteer Sorauren Hosers Rink Crew, veterans and newcomers alike, erected the boards for the natural ice rink on a snowy Saturday. Now the waiting begins for at least a week of consistent below-zero temperatures to begin flooding.

The rink, located on the baseball diamond, will feature two inter-connected skating pads. The Hosers take turns flooding, with a different crew dedicated to each day of the week. Flooding takes place at 9 pm every night when conditions allow. Learn more about volunteering.

The rink is a collaboration between the volunteers, Friends of Sorauren Park, and Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, which provides the permit, water and equipment storage.

Our great local sponsors provide support for equipment upgrades, communications and volunteer appreciation. Thanks to our 2022 Season sponsors:

Volunteers lay out the perimeter of the natural ice rink on the snowy baseball diamond in Sorauren Park
Triangular buttresses hold up the 2 x 8 boards forming the perimeter of the rink. The buttresses are spiked into the ground to hold everything in place.

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