Charles G. Williams Park re-opens

The new playground at renovated Charles G. Williams Park

The renovated Charles G. Williams Park is open!

The renovated park, across the street from Sorauren Park, includes new senior and junior playground equipment and nature play area. But it’s a park for all ages… there is a new basketball court, junior court, ping-pong table, bocce court and chess tables. The new splashpad will be ready for summer play. The park also features a safer new main entrance at the corner of Sorauren and Wabash avenues, new pathways and many more benches, plus the beautiful existing tree canopy.

The new park design owes much to the advocacy of the Friends of Charles G. Williams Park. It was build by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation and its design consultants and contractors, and supported by Councillor Gord Perks.

Read about the history of Charles G. Williams Park.

The new half-size junior basketball court, with the full-size court behind it.
The safer new entrance at Sorauren and Wabash avenues.


  1. DYoung

    If there was consultation with a community advocacy group, can they explain why so many poor decisions were made about the design? For example, a swing set that has less swings than the one it replaces and shares not a single repeated swing format (so that it’s impossible for friends to swing next to each other)? Or a sand pit that has no perimeter on one side? Or a playground layout that completely eradicated the apparatus for smaller children (removing smaller slides, rocking toys), in a neighbourhood with an excess of small children and a deficit of places for them to play? Why?

    • Friends of Sorauren Park

      Thanks for your note and comments. As volunteers at Sorauren Park we can’t speak to the decision-making process, but the City of Toronto and our volunteer colleagues at Friends of Charles G. Williams Park led and promoted the public community consultations and survey, which the Friends of Sorauren Park also supported. We believe parks should be welcome and safe places for all ages and abilities.

      • DYoung

        But really? Three swings total and not a two alike? How are friends supposed to play on these? That is the definition of exclusionary. At very least, an additional swing for older kids should be added. It’s really unreasoned design. In any case, I understand that your group is not responsible for these decisions/recommendations. But I do hope more attention is paid to the design sensibilities for the community centre. The current designs have more in common with an airport or convention centre than a community gathering place. Bigger is not always better. And, size aside, giant cavernous lobbies do not encourage intimate gatherings.

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