Sorauren Summer Kids Fun Week 4: Paper Cutouts

Decorate your garden or front windows with fun paper cutouts. Watch and learn as our summer programmer Amanda Vo shows you how. It’s the Week 4 activity for Sorauren Summer Kids Fun. What character are you inspired to create?

You can win prizes! Take photos of your completed creation, and tag @SoraurenPark on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. There will be a weekly draw for free popcorn, redeemable at the concession stand at the Sorauren Park Outdoor Movies once they start up again (fingers crossed!), plus one grand prize at the end of the summer from Scooter Girl Toys, our Sorauren Summer Kids Fun sponsor.

And check out our other activities to date, Make a Paper Kite, Park Bingo and Rock Painting!

Check every Monday or our @SoraurenPark social media sites for each new activity. Drop by the Sorauren Summer Kids Fun table at the Sorauren Farmers’ Market every Monday from 3 – 6:30 pm.

Sorauren Summer Kids Fun features Amanda, the Friends of Sorauren Park summer program coordinator. Amanda and our summer program videographer Dion Lynch, with support from volunteer FOSP directors, are putting together this summer’s COVID-safe programming at the park, including the return of the Dogs of Sorauren Park video series. Amanda and Dion are supported by a Canada Summer Jobs grant and by your donations to Friends of Sorauren Park.

You’ll see Amanda and Dion at the park wearing Friends of Sorauren Park t-shirts; say hello!

Thanks to our Sorauren Summer Kids Fun sponsor:

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