Community centre updates: new video series

There’s one question that every volunteer director of the Friends of Sorauren Park (FOSP) gets from friends, family and neighbours: What’s happening with the Wabash Community Centre?

To answer that question and help the community stay current with updates, FOSP is launching a new series of short videos hosted by FOSP board member Stephen Dorsey. The first video describes the purpose of the drilling and testing work that recently took place in Sorauren Park.

The Wabash Community Centre, to occupy the site of the old linseed factory in the park, is currently in the design phase with the City of Toronto’s contracted design consultants, Diamond Schmitt Architects. Following public consultations undertaken by FOSP and three rounds of consultations undertaken by the City, the architects are expected to report back on a preferred site design this fall. Construction is expected to start in 2023 following completion of final design.

You can also check the City’s Wabash Community Centre project page for updates.

The videos are made possible thanks to a Canada Summer Jobs grant and community donations that have allowed FOSP to hire summer students Amanda Vo and videographer Dion Lynch. Thanks team!

Follow @SoraurenPark on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates and new installments of the video series.

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