Sorauren Park 25th Anniversary doc now on YouTube

If you missed the debut of our special anniversary documentary on Facebook Watch Party, fear not… you can watch the half-hour doc on YouTube any time you like.

25 Years of Community Building: The Story of Sorauren Park, captures great archival footage from the early 1990s when the community was fighting for the park. See interviews with advocates, then and now, talking about the early days and what the park has become. Other volunteers tell the story of the park and its role as a community hub, including through the pandemic.

Special thanks to TD Park People Grants for supporting this documentary and our earlier Trees of Sorauren Park mini-series, also on YouTube (and interactive in the park, using the QR codes found on posters). Special thanks also to our amazing summer interns, Enrique Baniqued and Claire McPhee, who produced this special legacy for the community.

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