Join the virtual #PumpkinParade2020

The bad news: no City permits for Pumpkin Parades this year due to COVID-19 and the challenge of controlling crowds.

The good news: Carve your pumpkin and join the Sorauren Park #PumpkinParade2020 global event!

Here’s how it works: Instead of bringing your jack-o-lantern to the park on November 1, take a picture of your handiwork and post it on social media starting at 6 pm on November 1. Use the hashtag #PumpkinParade2020 and also tag @SoraurenPark.

Friends of Sorauren Park social media moderators will share, retweet, repost to a global audience. We’ll create the world’s greatest gallery of pumpkin art.

No special carving experience necessary. All jack-o-lanterns most welcome (and feel free to include the creators in the frame.) Pumpkin democracy in action!

One comment

  1. Colleen Kennedy

    Hi there!!

    Virtual Pumpkin Parade sounds like fun! Everything is so different in 2020. We have to be creative in the end! Hey! That’s the reason the Pumpkin Parade was initiated to begin with! To celebrate everyone’s creativity!

    As the original founder if the Pumpkin Parade, I would like to clarify an often misunderstood idea. The city does not give permits for the Pumpkin Parade and never has. I have pushed for many years to keep it this way. To keep it a free flowing , almost magical event in the community. A permit would require funding, insurance, vigorous safety guidelines to be followed and other licensing issues. Kindly, the city Parks dept.has agreed to pick up the pumpkins the next day. But there is no permit.

    Of course, this year is not safe for community gatherings. Most people will decide that on their own. I certainly won’t be putting out the neighbourhood “reminders” that I usually do!

    I do like the idea of the virtual parade!! This way we can keep this creative, fun event alive in the community! Good thinking.

    Nonetheless I won’t be surprised if a few pumpkins sneak away from their front porches to meet up in the park!

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