Take the Tree Tour of Sorauren Park

Join Dakoda, Cedar and Jon for the Sorauren Park Virtual Tree Tour, a series of eight special short videos

Did you know Sorauren Park is home to one of the few surviving elm trees in Toronto? Do you know which tree in the park evolved to proliferate through a special relationship with mastodons? Do you know which park tree is a Great Tree of Peace for the Haudenosaunee Confederacy?

Expand your knowledge of the trees of Sorauren Park by taking the new Sorauren Park Virtual Tree Tour, hosted by our young interviewers Dakoda and Cedar, with special guest expert Jon Hayes of the High Park Nature Centre. The series highlights six special trees, with an introduction and conclusion, and is part of the 25th anniversary celebration of Sorauren Park.

If you’re in the park, look for the Sorauren Park Virtual Tree Tour posters (on the fences by the tennis courts, baseball diamond, and old linseed mill). Each tree in the series is pinned on the poster. Scan the related QR code for each tree with your smartphone, and you’ll be taken to the video for that tree.

Expand your knowledge by also downloading the Trees of Sorauren LEAFO card – it’s like a bingo card for trees. Take your own tree tour and see how many more trees you can identify. Challenge the kids!

We love our park trees for the shade they bring to our picnics and quiet moments, for their beauty, and for their many ecosystem services including habitat, oxygen production, carbon dioxide absorption and rainwater management. Now you can appreciate our trees even more, and help protect them, through better understanding and an appreciation for their unique and amazing histories.

The Sorauren Park Virtual Tree Tour is produced by the Friends of Sorauren Park and generously supported by TD Bank and the #TDReadyCommitment through a TD Park People grant. See all the videos on our YouTube channel.

A poster with a map of Sorauren Park showing the tree locations. Visit the Sorauren Park YouTube channel for closed-captions versions of all Tree Tour videos.
Look for these posters in the park, on the fences by the tennis courts, baseball diamond and the old linseed mill.
Thanks to our sponsor TD Park People Grants #TDReadyCommitment

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