Community centre survey results and presentation

The Friends of Sorauren Park presented the results of its Wabash Community Centre survey and consultation process June 4 at FOSP’s first-ever webinar.

More than 100 people registered for the event which was also attended by Councillor Gord Perks and City staff.

FOSP chair Joël Campbell and directors Stephen Dorsey and Donna MacMullin walked participants through the survey results. (View the full presentation deck.) Almost 1,200 community members responded to the survey.

The survey was just one component of FOSP’s consultation strategy for the new community centre to be built at Sorauren Park, on the site of the old linseed factory. The City will also be conducting community consultations, which have been delayed due to the COVID pandemic. The FOSP will support the City process.

Councillor Perks re-confirmed the funding for the centre. City Council approved the budget in 2017 and hired architects Diamond Schmitt Architects last year to begin the design process. The Councillor said timelines may slip a little because of the pandemic, but the project is going ahead. Estimated completion date is now 2025.

The City has posted the project on its capital planning page.

FOSP will continue to collect feedback. You can send comments through our Contact form, or email directly.

Among the survey results:

87% support maintaining the Town Square

86% support building the centre in an environmentally responsible manner

69% said they would like to see the existing industrial building preserved

75% said they would like program subsidies for users from lower incomes

The full presentation is available here (3.4MB PDF).

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