Be heard… take the Community Centre survey

Sorauren Park Town Square At Risk!! from JbyJ Video Production on Vimeo.

With the exciting news the city has hired Diamond Schmitt Architects to work on the design for the new Wabash Community Centre, now is the time to provide your input on plans for the new facility at Sorauren Park.

For example, did you know the park’s Town Square and Fieldhouse may be threatened? These critical park amenities, built in part through community donations and which make possible the Farmers Market, the outdoor movies, the Pumpkin Sale, community events like the Tragically Hip screening, and more, have been identified as inside the “development zone” for the new community centre. Help inform an innovative design for the new community centre that responds to all community needs by taking the survey.

The survey is part of community outreach undertaken by Friends of Sorauren Park. The city will also undertake consultations, including expected Town Halls, as part of the formal design process. FOSP survey results will be publicized before the city consultations… help us reach 1,000 responses, we’re almost there! (And so far, 87% of you rate the Town Square and Fieldhouse as “must keep” or “important to keep.”)

FOSP volunteer director and long-time park supporter Chander Chaddah has produced a video in support of incorporating the Town Square into the new community centre design.

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