Rail Path extension includes future link to Sorauren Park

Site plan showing bridge over Barrie GO line with future connection to Sorauren Park. North is up. Metrolinx has already expropriated the wedge of land between the Kitchener rail corridor, Dundas bridge, and Barrie rail corridor.

The City of Toronto has released the latest update to the design planning for the southerly extension of the West Toronto Railpath, from the Dundas Street bridge south to Queen St./Sudbury Street.

The designs continue to include a future bridge connection over the Kitchener Metrolinx GO train corridor from the Rail Path into Sorauren Park.

The bridge into the park would be a future spur off the bridge that’s required to span the Barrie GO line, by No Frills, necessary for the Rail Path to continue its southward route.

The latest designs take the planning to 60% completion. That said, actual construction is still unfunded, and Metrolinx is adding more rail lines in the corridor that have to be completed first before the Rail Path extension is built. It will be several years before path construction takes place.

The Friends of Sorauren Park (FOSP) have been actively engaged in the Rail Path consultations along with other community groups, including Friends of the West Toronto Railpath. FOSP has alerted Rail Path planners that construction of the Rail Path may coincide with construction of the new Wabash Community Centre in the park, expected in the 2022-2024 period.

FOSP will continue to monitor Rail Path progress to ensure this vital connection is built and coordinated with community centre planning. More Rail Path background here.

You can sign up for West Toronto Railpath updates from the City of Toronto at the Rail Path web page.

Illustration showing saffron-coloured iron trail bridge over a railway corridor.

New Rail Path bridges would maintain the saffron orange scheme of existing bridges. Rendering from City of Toronto/MontgomerySisam.


  1. Nick

    I think the proposed rail path bridge access into Sorauren park should not enter through the center of the park. This will significantly increase bike traffic through the park where there are pedestrians including young kids, it will also create an exit for young kids. I think the path should direct bikes south behind the proposed community center (between the community center and the rail line) onto Wabash avenue with no direct access to the park. I think this is a good solution for all.

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