2019 Sorauren Rink was brought to you by…

The rink is closed. Long live the rink!

Through frozen pipes, bitter wind chills, thaws, snow storms, and all over again, the volunteer Sorauren Hosers Rink Crew kept the natural ice going well into March. The 10th season of the “modern” era was a stand-out.

As we bid farewell to the 2019 edition, some thank-yous:

Hoser Volunteers
Crews of neighbours scrape and flood the rink nightly at 9 pm (and sometimes before sunrise) to keep it ship-shape. They are:

Jarek Wawrow
Paul Lowes*
Brent Noon
Joël Campbell
Thomas Carnegie
Matthew D’Or
Joseph Jeremy
Doug Bennet

Crew Members:
Lucas Wawrow, Michael Olson, Paolo Catalano
Jaeme Gloyn, Aaron Sorkis, Tristan Robinson, Bob Mackowycz
Greg Cerra, Jeff Sanderson, Ewan Knights
Ike Werner, Ian Sinclair, Thomas Sinclair, Scott Mifflin
Chris Gore, Ryan Devitt
James Hogan, Bennett Hogan, Stuart Lorkin
John Richmond, Nathan Bennet, Rowan Evans, Jason Sorby
Scott Parsons, Ryan Peters, Nathan Sayers, Gwen Zezulka, Sarah Greene, Geoff Stewart, Tony Gray
Key Keeper: Ron Olmstead
Build Day & Tear-Down Extra Help: Arif Virani, Cathie Kessler, Heather, Simon, Joe’s Coffee

Permit Application: Doug Shepherd
Net rehab: Susan Peschken, Paul, Lola

Rink Sponsors:
Thanks to our 2019 Rink Sponsors whose generous support covers incidental costs:
Chander Chaddah, Sutton Group Asssociates Realty Inc. Brokerage
Scooter Girl Toys
Snap Fitness High Park

Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation:
Permit (free!), scrapers, water, nets, hose storage, web listing.

Friends of Sorauren Park:
Accounting, social media promotion and communication services.

West End Phoenix:
Game on! Celebrity Shinny opponents.

The Community:
Everyone who picked up a scraper, a shovel, retweeted, liked, followed, and enjoyed the rink.

See you at the rink next year!

*Many have been volunteering for years. Among them are 10-year veterans and 5-year veterans!

Contact us to get on the list for the next rink.

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