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The West Toronto Railpath is an exciting project to create a multi-use trail along the eastern edge of the Metrolinx Kitchener GO rail corridor that runs beside Sorauren Park.

Artist’s concept for the trail bridge crossing the Barrie GO line. A connection to Sorauren Park would run from the high point of the bridge into the park (on the right-hand side from this southward-view image, by the old Wabash chimney)

The northern part of the trail, from the Dundas/College bridge north to Cariboo Avenue, was completed in 2009.

Plans are well under way to complete the southern portion, from the Dundas/College bridge past the park to Queen Street and eventually Stanley Park, connecting to the new pedestrian/trail bridge crossing the rail lines into Garrison Common/Fort York, and hence to the waterfront.

How does it affect Sorauren Park?

To continue the trail south, a pedestrian/trail bridge must be built to cross over the Barrie GO line, near No Frills.

The opportunity exists to create a spur off the top of the pedestrian/trail bridge into Sorauren Park, connecting the west side and east side of the tracks with a multi-use trail.

Map showing concept for West Toronto Railpath bridge into Sorauren Park

Click to enlarge.

The 2014 West Toronto Railpath Extension Phase 2 Planning and Design Study included designs showing the opportunity for connecting Sorauren Park.

Metrolinx and the City of Toronto are working on the Railpath extension. Many community groups, including the Friends of the West Toronto Railpath, are advising the planners.

It’s important for residents interested in the connection to Sorauren Park to attend community meetings and make your views known.

Meeting notices will be posted on, on our social media feeds @SoraurenPark (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and through our email newsletter.

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