Pumpkin Parade returns Nov. 1 to where it all began

Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade returns Nov. 1

Sorauren Park Pumpkin Parade returns Nov. 1

Every Nov. 1, the day after Halloween, the world-famous Pumpkin Parade takes place at Sorauren Park. With close to 2,000 pumpkins on display in recent years, the Parade is a neighbourhood and even regional highlight of the season. From witches and cats, to politicians and world events, the artful jack-o-lanterns represent the spirit of Halloween and also the spirit of the times.

Add your pumpkin to the parade. It starts at dusk, with the busiest times after dinner. There is no competition… but will your pumpkin get noticed? And what will be the dominant theme this year? U.S. election? Olympics? Shirtless prime ministers?

Place your lit pumpkins along the inside edge of the path around the park. We are hoping to completely encircle the park this year, and we can do that by not doubling up on both sides of the path. Plus, if we get everyone moving in the same direction around the park (think pleasure skating rink), it should be even more enjoyable.

Walk or take transit to the park. The streets are narrow and busy and there is no parking at the park. The 505 Dundas and 506 College streetcars stop at the top of Sorauren, a three-minute walk from the park. The 504 King stops along Roncesvalles, one block away. The 47 Lansdowne bus stops at Rideau St., also a short walk away. Be safe.

Big thanks to City of Toronto Solid Waste; Parks, Forestry and Recreation; and Ward 14 Councillor Gord Perks and colleagues for their ongoing support.

The Sorauren event was launched by neighbours in 2004 and has sparked similar events across Toronto, Montreal (Parade des Citrouilles) and in New York City. It has been blogged in Copenhagen.

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