Help build Sorauren rink Jan. 3

Installing the rink boards (keeps water in) for last year's rink

Installing the rink boards (keeps water in) for last year’s rink

Handy with a cordless drill and a hammer? The Sorauren Park Hosers volunteer rink crew will be building the rink at the park starting 10 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 3, and you’re invited to help out.

We need people to:
• unstack the wood boards stored in the shipping container
• place the boards around the rink perimeter (all-ages activities)
• screw the boards together (bring charged cordless drills, Robertson heads)
• spike the boards into the ground straight and true

It takes several hours, so any time you can spare during the day is a great help.

It’s a fun activity for families. By the end, you’ll take pride in having built this year’s rink. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk to Hoser volunteers… learn how we maintain the rink, and maybe you’ll want to sign up for a weekly flooding shift!

Thanks again to this year’s rink sponsor, the Roncesvalles branch of Meridian Credit Union. We’ve already purchased new, lighter hoses that promise to make flooding a joy.

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