New sponsor for Sorauren Rink

The Sorauren Hosers Volunteer Rink Crew is getting ready for a new season, and this year has the support of a sponsor.

The 2016 Sorauren Hosers season is sponsored by Meridian Credit Union at Roncesvalles and Howard Park. Thanks to this sponsorship, the Hosers will be able to get new and better hoses, couplings and some new signage.

Sorauren Hoser volunteers flood the natural ice rink every night (weather permitting) during the skating season, typically January and February.

SoraurenHoserslogoNo experience necessary… training and all supplies provided. Fill out our simple form if you’re interested in joining. (Bonus: Once you’re on the list, you’ll get notices for our Rink Drinks on Roncy.) Volunteers typically work one night per week, with a crew of two to four people.

The Sorauren Rink is a natural ice rink usually on the baseball diamond with two pads, one for shinny and one for pleasure skating.

Because it’s natural ice, the season is dependent on Mother Nature. Crews will flood every night at 9 p.m. as long as it’s cold enough. We typically need three to four nights of consistent below-zero weather to begin flooding.

Thanks to also to Parks, Forestry and Recreation for providing hoses, scrapers and water supply from the Fieldhouse.

2016 Sorauren Hoser Rink Crew Sponsor

2016 Sorauren Hoser Rink Crew Sponsor


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