Buy a Bench for the new Town Square

Picture of park bench with black armrests and legs

Have the name of loved ones, your organization or company on the backrest of a bench for the new Sorauren Park Town Square

You, your family, your street, your company or organization can help furnish the new Sorauren Park Town Square by providing a durable park bench for park goers to enjoy — with your inscription on the backrest as a commemorative tribute.

Each commercial-grade bench is available for $1,900 and includes the cost of installation and the inscription. This is a deal, since the City’s regular commemorative bench program is $2,530 per bench (we save a bit since we don’t need to pour a concrete pad… the benches will be installed on the Square’s existing concrete ribbon). Benches are provided with black legs and armrests to match the black lamp standards in the Square. (Those are LED lights, by the way… they look great at night.)

Only a limited number of benches are available. They will be placed on the south side of the Square by Wabash Avenue, facing north into the Square, to start. Two benches have already been donated by the students, family and staff of Howard Public School, thanks to a successful 2014 Dance-a-thon fundraiser.

If you are interested in donating a bench, please send us a message using the contact form so we can coordinate orders with the City of Toronto.


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