Sorauren Rink is open till 9 p.m. daily

Shinny hockey at Soraruen Park rink, blue skies

Sorauren shinny on Jan. 4, 2014. Pleasure skating pad open too, both in good shape.

Take those new Christmas skates for a whirl on the Sorauren natural ice rink, now open.

Volunteers have been scraping and flooding the rink in preparation for an earlier-than-normal opening thanks to the cold weather. There are two connected ice pads, one for shinny and one for pleasure skating. McCormick Arena has kindly loaned two hockey goals for shinny.

Bring your shovel to the rink if it’s snowing to help keep it clear.

During warm spells, humans and dogs are encouraged to stay off the rink to make it easier to bring back to good skating condition when the temperature dips again. Flooding takes place every evening at 9 p.m.; volunteer hosers are always welcome!

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