Pumpkin Sale Saturday Oct. 26, Pumpkin Parade Nov. 1

Annual Sorauren Pumpkin Sale

Annual Sorauren Pumpkin Sale

Get your wagons ready…. the annual Sorauren Pumpkin Sale in support of the Wabash Building Society takes place Saturday, Oct. 26 from 9 a.m. till noon at the Fieldhouse.

The proceeds will go towards the Sorauren Park Town Square fund. Thanks to previous pumpkin sales and the outstanding support of the community, Live Green Toronto and Councillor Gord Perks, Phase 1 of the Town Square should be under construction by the time of this year’s pumpkin sale.

But Phase 2 requires another fundraising push, starting with this year’s Pumpkin Sale.

Phase 1 includes grading the land, doubling the tree canopy (new trees to be planted spring 2014), permeable pavers, upgrading the Park’s electrical service and laying conduit for new lighting and “event bollards.”

Phase 2 is required for other items on the plan, including a bake oven, more park furniture and the sculptural pergola linking the Fieldhouse and the old linseed oil factory (and future community centre).

Pumpkin Sale pumpkins are generously donated by Chander Chaddah, broker, Sutton Group Associates, and Joanna Lang, residential mortgage manager, Scotiabank. This is the sixth year Chander and Joanna have run the Pumpkin Sale, raising well over $12,000 to date, all donated to the park. This year’s goal is another $3,000. Thanks Chander and Joanna and everyone who comes to buy their pumpkins!

And, of course, many of those pumpkins will make a return trip to the park for the annual Sorauren Pumpkin Parade on Nov. 1!

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